The Sacha Okoh Charity is a non-profit organization founded to raise awareness for the deaf and blind in Ghana and to help them feel a sense of belonging in today’s society.

The Charity began in April 2021, after the SO Aesthetic Team visited the DEMOdeaf school of Mampong.

As a charity, our aim is to help eradicate the stigma around the deaf community especially in the beauty industry by creating awareness and educating parents in the community to show more compassion and acceptance towards them.

The short-term goal of the Charity is to shed light on the deaf and speechless community, to show others that they are no different and to let everyone know that communication shouldn’t be a barrier because it’s their work skill that matters.

The long-term goals are to prepare and give them confidence through training and giving them skill so they can get employed in the beauty industry and to empower them to set up their own businesses.

Based on our goals we have decided to adapt the Mampong demonstration school for the deaf as a key school to support as our main project. SO Aesthetic team and I have already started providing makeup products to the students as well as professional training in order for them to have the competitive skills needed in the real world.